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Hotels & Resorts

Whether on vacation or on a business trip, hotel guests want to feel at ease and safe. Numerous hotels around the world thus rely on installing advanced technology in Air Conditioning, Security System, Kitchen Equipments and Laundry System Plants to provide world class hospitality to their guests. The main application area for our services in hotels is to provide healthy environment maintaining temperature and monitoring of publicly accessible areas such as lobbies, lounges, concert halls, restaurants, casinos and also cooling chambers or storage rooms in order to provide luxurious feeling and to prevent any unauthorized access. Also parking spaces are often included into the security concept as most guests sleep better knowing that their car is securely stored under video surveillance on a parking level or in an underground garage.


With the installation of our products it can be ensured that hotel guests and employees always act friendly and adhere to the regulations issued by the management. SS Group is uniquely positioned to deliver the products, solutions and expertise demanded by today’s hospitality professionals.

Hospitals & Healthcares

As healthcare facilities grow larger and provide around-the-clock care, they become more vulnerable to a wide array of security risks and vulnerabilities. While industry guidelines mandate a growing reliance on hospital security under its "Environment of Care" standards, it is the responsibility of each individual hospital and healthcare organization to decide on the right tools to meet their needs.


SS Group proudly offers the industry’s complete selection of Air-Conditioning, Security System and Laundry System Plants solutions to provide your healthcare facility with the peace of mind that comes with complete protection. With our suite of complete commercial solutions from a centralized, or even remote, location is more efficient than ever.


From monitoring patient, employee, and visitor traffic, improving hospital security, patient safety, insulating your organization from potential liability claims, improving operating efficiencies, reducing costs that healthcare administrators face and complying with national regulatory guidelines - SS Group has the resources and expertise you are looking for.

Banks & Corporate Offices

Financial institutions realize the value of incorporating advanced technologies in installed appliances as part of their operations plan. Whether serving as a loyal partner in giving managers the tools they need to carry operational activities, SS Group offers the most practical and cost-effective solution available. From a small bank to a large bank with several branches, SS Group proudly offers the industry most trusted and complete selection of Air Conditioner as well Video Security System along with our best service support.


These open systems also seamlessly integrate with third-party technologies like access control, fire alarm systems etc. to provide an unbreakable protection over any facility. And with the increasing development in Air conditioning and security systems SS Group provide required appliances for day to day operation of banks and financial institutions.

Government Organizations

The first responsibility of any nation’s government is to protect the safety and welfare of its citizens and the nation’s property. When preparing for or responding to any emergency, be it terrorist attack or natural disaster having the right equipment and resources in place make all the difference. SS Group is ready to support entire government agencies with leading edge technology to help meet this responsibility.


SS Group is a national network of authorized resellers ready to support the unique applications and requirements of government customers. Security borders, government facilities, embassies and military bases, SS Group answers the call by incorporating leading video security technologies and 24X7 uninterrupted power supplies to deliver the most trusted solutions available.

Educational Institutions

The opportunity to exchange ideas and gain understanding should never be compromised by issues of any type of facilities like Air-Conditioning, Security System, Kitchen Equipments or Power Backup etc. SS Group recognizes the unique solutions, budget and infrastructure challenges faced by educational institutions as well our solutions provide a safe environment so students and staff can focus on what matters most learning.


Importantly, perhaps no other market is moving faster toward the implementation of Air-Conditioner, Network-Based Video Security System or Green Energy Power Backup. Today’s advanced technologies are ideal for the demands of educational environments. SS Group delivers reliable, high-quality, cost-effective solutions that meet your specific school/college needs.

Entertainments & Retailers

Whether providing world class infrastructures equipped with Air Conditioning and Security System Solutions or serving as a visual deterrent to crime or giving managers and security professionals tools for dealing with liability claims, employee theft, SS Group offers the most practical and cost-effective solution available. SS Group offer unique solutions for customers, co-workers and employees. We provide real-time monitoring of situations, both at the location and remote area, while simultaneously providing indisputable documentation of an event.


Cinemas, Spectacular rides, exciting shows and extraordinary events, anyone who visits these kinds of shows is mainly looking for fun, relaxation and thrills. But most importantly visitors want to enjoy the numerous attractions in a controlled temperature along with their safety. SS Group’s services have therefore become an indispensable tool for Entertainment.

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